How to Give Your iPhone a Potty Mouth


Somewhere in comedy heaven, George Carlin (he of the "Seven Words You Can't Say On Television") is smiling in approval.

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One thing the iPhone does not do well is swear.  Blame it on the auto-correction implementation of the iPhone 2.2 Update, which insists on replacing every variation of "fuck" with "duck" — to the point where you'll probably start yelling "FUCK!!!" at regular intervals.  Obviously you can turn auto-correction off — but that kinda defeats the whole purpose, since A-C is what makes the touchscreen usable and fast when it's time to write an email or SMS.  To make matters worse, you can't add words to the dictionary, which is…well, maybe not "fucked," but pretty inconvenient.

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Luckily, blogger TNT Luoma found a sneaky workaround: create a new dummy contact, and put the offending words as the first and last names.  The catch is, you have to enter both in lower case.  This works because the iPhone, in addition to the auto-correct dictionary, uses the names in the contact list to spell-check.

A neat hack?  To paraphrase Dexter's kid sister Debra, abso-ducking-lutely…

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