I Come Collect: i Love Katamari Picks Up Everything In Its Path

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Leave it to the Japanese to come up with a game this ridiculously simple, with a back story this ridiculously obtuse:

The King of All Cosmos has accidentally knocked all the stars out of
the sky during a crazy night out. It is up to the pint-sized Prince to
put the twinkle back in the heavens in i Love Katamari. i Love Katamari
delivers an experience only possible on the iPhone. The gameplay is
simple! Tilt your iPhone to roll your katamari with precision. Roll the
katamari ball over various objects in each stage. As more and more
objects are rolled up, your katamari will increase in size and it
becomes possible to roll-up larger and larger objects. Join the Prince
in this addictive ball-rolling adventure!

Quick, what's the Kanji symbols for "carpal tunnel syndrome?"

[US$7.99 at iTunes]

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