iMazon.Com? New App Lets You Shop From Your iPhone

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Hot on the heels of Target's holiday-shopping app (see elsewhere), released a free iPhone app to aid spending your money at the online shopping giant.

The free app allows iPhone or iPod Touch owners to browse through all the products offered
by Amazon, as well as by third-party retailers like Target and
Macy’s that make their products available online through Amazon.

The app also includes a nifty (and in Amazon's own words, "experimental") feature called Amazon Remembers.  Users can snap a photo of any object they'd like to buy and send it to the freelance workers in Amazon‚Äôs Mechanical Turk program, who
will try to match them with products for sale on Amazon. The idea is to entice consumers to buy products from
Amazon instead of its offline rivals.  The reality is, you may get an answer in as little as 5 minutes — or as long as 24 hours.

[Available from the App Store]

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