Is Sony Unleashing an iPod Killer?

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Sony Electronics has already changed the way we listen to our music twice.  First with the original Walkman, the portable cassette player/lightweight, hi-fi headset combo, then its CD big brother the Diskman.  And now rumors abound of an MP3 player to bear the Walkman name.  Will the third time still be the charm?

The purported "MP3man" will have 16 and 32 gig capacities, a 400 x 240 pixel WQVGA screen, Wi-Fi for web-surfing (and presumably, music and video connectivity too), and direct links from a music archive to YouTube.  Podcast downloads and perhaps an FM radio and noise-canceling earphones are also possibilities.

So far, so…eh.  To qualify as a legitimate iPod Killer, rather than a Zune also-ran, any MP3 Walkman needs two things right out of the gate:  really high-fidelity earphones, and — most importantly of all — a seriously competitive price.

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