Linux for iPhone: Is An Android iPhone Next?

The iPhone Dev Team has done it again…

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Team member planetbeing, thanks to some clever reverse-engineering, has figured out how to run Linux on an iPhone, controlled with a USB keyboard running off the iPhone multi-purpose port.

While the current implications of this hack are at best academic, one projected outcome is Google's Android running directly on an iPhone.

Here's a more detailed video of the hack:

Keep in mind that while the Linux port has the framebuffer driver (for video), the serial
driver, serial over USB driver, and drivers for the interrupts, the
clock, and miscellaneous hardware components, it's still missing most of
the other things, like write support for the NAND memory, wireless
networking, touchscreen drivers, sound, accelerometer, and, one big and, the baseband chip, which is what makes the iPhone communicate with the cellular networks.

[Via Gizmodo]

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