Microsoft’s Seadragon Displays Oodles of Graphics — It Just Does It On Apple Hardware, That’s All…

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So what do you call a Microsoft-coded iPhone app?  I mean, other than a big F-you to their own Zune?

You call it Seadragon Mobile.  And you use it to view so-called "giga-pixel" images, and view them very, very close up.  Brags the House of Gates:

"Seadragon is designed to provide next-generation visual experiences,
regardless of the size of the screen, size of the file or speed of your
network…Create your own content with the Deep Zoom Composer or PhotoZoom and view it on your phone.  Or just look at our sample content. You can also browse Photosynth collections (yours or anybody else's) with just a flick and a pinch…We will continue to experiment with bringing Seadragon to other
platforms as we move forward, exploring different ways to use this
functionality to improve the way users explore the digital world."

Heady stuff, to be sure, and they've linked to a Windows Media video to give you a taste of what Seadragon can bring to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Oh, and it's also free.  Kinda like Internet Explorer back in the days when Netscape owned the World Wide Web experience.  Used a Netscape browser recently?  No?  My point precisely.

[Available from iTunes]

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