More Musical Groups “Tap Tap” Into the iPhone

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Use to be, when you and your buddies started that garage band, you'd dream of actually hearing your song on the radio.  By the Eighties, that dream destination had morphed into a video on MTV.  In Century 21, it's a tossup between discovery on Myspace and placement in an iPod advert…

…or, perhaps, an iPhone game.

Tapulous' Tap Tap Revenge, the free Guitar Hero-style tap-to-the-music game app, has become so popular, the company has launched a "Tap Tap Thursday," when new songs for the game are introduced — and players have the option of buying the songs for themselves through iTunes.  When Tapulous added Kate Perry's "Hot 'n' Cold" back in October, Tap Tap players alone notched up an additional 50,000 sales of the tune.

Tapulous then moved into the pay-app field, starting with a Nine Inch Nails-themed version back in October and, more recently, a Christmas offering from Weezer, who actually recorded some holiday chestnuts in addition to their usual fare.  Even at US$4.99 a pop, these versions proved so popular that — alongside the paid ads in the free versions of the game — Tapulous will not only likely turn a profit this year, they will continue to court name bands for future editions of the game (the Dave Matthews Band is already being name-checked for an upcoming release).

And as for the news that Alex Rigopulos (who co-created Rock Band and Guitar Hero!) wants to create his own competing iPhone music-game app, Bart Decrem (co-founder and chief executive of Tapulous) is unfazed: “Music games are a hot genre, so naturally there will be competition in
the space. “I’m quite confident that we’ll be able to hold
our own.”

[Via the New York Times]

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