Most-Downloaded List Shows Why “App” Rhymes With “Crap”

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iTunes just posted a list of the top pay and free iPhone apps, and it's astonishing how much crapware occupies the top slots.

For instance, Koi Pond qualified for both the "Top Paid App" and "Top Paid Entertainment" lists.  The latter list also includes such heavy hitters as iBeer, iFish, and Touchscan, the 99 cent application that ‚Äúscans the mind of two people at once and
compares the brain waves recorded” by way of a fake on-screen
fingerprint scanner.  Where's P.T. Barnum when you really need him?

(On the other hand, the infamous "I Am Rich" scam app didn't make the list, so at the very least, God is not quite as perverse as we've been led to believe…)

On the free apps front, the admittedly clever — and often fiendishly prescient — Pandora Radio was Top of the Pops both overall and in the Free Music category.  Facebook beat out the likes of AIM and MySpace Mobile, both overall and on the Top Social Networking
list.  Google Earth, a virtual baby (it was released two months ago), still garnered enough downloads to become the Number 7 Most Downloaded Freebie.  Tap Tap Revenge (Number Three freebie overall) also topped the Free Games category.

May be this guy has a point, but still it is impressive what developers came up with in the past 6 months.

[See the full list at iTunes]

If you are lazy see list below:

Top Paid Apps (Overall):
1. Koi Pond
2. Texas Hold’em
3. Moto Chaser
4. Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3d
5. Super Monkey Ball
6. Cro-Mag Rally
7. Enigmo (Pangea)
8. Pocket Guitar
9. Recorder
10. iBeer

Top 10 Free Downloads (Overall)
1. Pandora Radio
2. Facebook
3. Tap Tap Revenge
4. Shazam
5. Labryinth Lite Edition
6. Remote
7. Google Earth
8. Lightsaber Unleashed
9. AIM
10. Urban Spoon

Top Paid Games:
1. Texas Hold’em
2. Moto Chaser
3. Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Kart 3d
4. Super Monkey Ball
5. Cro-Mag Rally
6. Enigmo
7. Air Hockey, air hockey does not cut it, you have to gear up and use real
hockey equipment.
8. Bejeweled 2
9. Flick Bowling
10. Line Rider iRide

Top Free Games:
1. Tap Tap Revenge
2. Labrynth Lite Edition
3. Sol Free Solitaire
4. iBowl
5. Pac-Man Lite
6. Touch Hockey:FS5
7. Cannon Challenge
8. Audi A4 Driving Challenge
9. Sudoku
10. reMovem

Top Paid Entertainment:
1. Koi Pond
2. iBeer
3. iChalky
4. Face Melter
5. iFish
6. TouchScan
7. What’s on TV?
8. Pocket Piano
9. Sketches
10. OneTap Movies

Top Free Entertainment:
1. Remote
2. Lightsaber Unleashed
3. i.TV
4. BubbleWrap
5. Movies
6. iDoodle 2 lite
7. Showtimes
8. Now Playing
9. Scribble
10. Crazy Pumpkin

Top Paid Utilities:
1. Units (crossroad solutions)
2. A Level
3. Air Mouse
4. Fake Calls
5. Voice Record
6. Clinometer
7. Spell Check
8. Speed Dial
9. FileMagnet
10. iNetwork Speed Test

Top Free Utilities
1. Flashlight
2. myLite Flashlight
3. Say Who – Dialer
4. Units (TheMacBox)
5. Compass Free
6. Alarm Free
7. A Free Level
8. Molecules
9. Speed Test
10. myLighter

Top Paid Social Networking:
1. MobileChat
2. BeejiveIM
3. Quip
4. Rooms – Your Mobile Chat Client
5. Twitterific Premium
6. Flutter
7. Twittelator Pro
8. mBoxMail
9. Secrets
10. hiCard – Suite

Top Free Social Networking:
1. Facebook
2. AIM
3. Myspace Mobile
4. IM+ Lite
5. Loopt
6. Fring
7. Palringo IM
8. Earthscape
9. Twitterific
10. Avatar

Top Paid Music:
1. PocketGuitar
2. Drum Kit
3. Ocarina
4. Pianist
5. Band
6. Tuner Internet Radio
7. Beat Maker
8. Guitar Toolkit
9. Harmonica
10. Guitarist

Top Free Music:
1. Pandora Radio
2. Shazam
3. AOL Radio
4. Midomi
5. Mini Piano
6. iheart Radio
7. MixMeister Scratch
8. FlyCast Mobile Radio
9. Last.FM
10. DigiDrummer Lite

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