Nanosaur II: Dinos Plus Lasers Equals Gaming Nerdgasm

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As twenty-year vets of the personal computer gaming wars — and with titles such as Firefall Arcade and Cro-Mag Rally to their name — Pangea Software seems to have an idea of what gamers want.  Their latest offering is an iPhone version of their Nanosaur game series.  Brags the company:

"Nanosaur 2: Hatchling is the ultimate flying battle game for your
iPhone or iPod Touch! You pilot a flying dinosaur from the future who's
mission is to locate stolen dinosaur eggs and return them to safety by
throwing them into wormholes. You'll battle other dinosaurs and
mechanized sentries while collecting various powerups and weapons such
as heat-seeking missiles, blasters, bombs, etc.

2 is a 3D game that really shows off the capabilities of the iPhone,
and you fly by tilting the iPhone. The cinematic quality of the music
and graphics make Nanosaur 2 one of the absolute 'must-have' games for
the iPhone."

Personally, a better "must-have" for Pangea is a spell-checker: here's their original blurb page, typos intact…

And here's a YouTube review of the game:

Nanosaur 2 normally runs for US$7.99

Game has 3 Levels (Worlds/Missions)

Can save only at the end of the level

Need to reboot iPhone constantly because of RAM is full issue

Game play about 3-4 hours, at least this is how long took us to finish this game.

Love controls, love control calibration option.

Our verdict: we loved this game, great game play, outstanding controls.  It would have been better if game had 5 levels, 3 levels is to short.

[Available on iTunes]

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