Note to Self: Jot It Down On Sticky Notes

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Seems like no sooner had 3M unveiled their now-ubiquitous Post-Its that software developers were coding sticky note apps for their hardware/OS platform du jour.  (Indeed, one could theorize that the failure of the NeXT workstation was because Uncle Steve neglected to include a Post-It app…)

So it was only a matter of time before SOMEBODY brought the Post-It concept to the App Store — in this case, a little company called Air-O-Matic, with their Sticky Notes program.  As you might guess, using it is a no-brainer: write a note and stick it to your iPhone (more specifically, your iPhone’s wallpaper, so it’ll be the first thing you see when you unlock the phone) until the need for that particular reminder is past.  Air-O-Matic, who give every indication of NOT being deep-ponderers-of-the-meaning-of-life types, cheekily suggest some additional uses:

“…you can email the note, assign a note to a contact and see it when they call, and do anything else you can do with a photo.  The possibilities are literally finite [sic]. “

And, oh yeah — there’s a YouTube demo:

[US$0.99 from iTunes]

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