NPR Comes to the iPhone: Commercial-Free, If Not Bug-Free

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National Public Radio has always prided itself on its journalistic integrity.  Their just-released NPR Mobile app for iPhones seems to be continuing that trend in…well, if not the integrity of the code itself, the integrity of the coders.

The app allows you to"[b]rowse NPR content by Program, Series, On-Air Personality, and more…Stream the radio program, read the available story text and view any available image."

If you're already an NPR junkie, you're probably sold by now.  If not, the app's price (i.e. free) might entice you as well.  Or…

How about the programmer's honesty? Bradley Flubacher, the NPR Mobile app's programmer, has the inevitable blog detailing the app's march to market — and stumbles along the way, from App Store rejection to "whoops!  That one slipped by me" bug discovery mea culpa's.

Wow.  Maybe honesty IS the best policy.

[Available from iTunes]

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