O’Reilly’s “iPhone Missing Manual” Now an iPhone App

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Quick, how do you squeeze a twenty-five dollar printed manual into an itty bitty iPhone?  Well, first get a very small crowbar…

Kidding aside, O'Reilly Publishing has turned David Pogue's iPhone: The Missing Manual into an app that runs directly on the iPhone itself.  (For you photographers with PDA's, it's kinda like having a .PDF version of your camera's manual riding on your hip for easy access in the field.)  Sez the publisher:

iPhone: The Missing Manual shows you everything you need to know to get
the most out of your iPhone. Full of humor, tips, tricks, and
surprises, this book teaches you how to extend iPhone's usefulness by
exploiting its links to the Web as well as its connection to Macs or
PCs; how to save money using Internet- based messages instead of phone
calls; and how to fill the iPhone with TV shows and DVDs for free.

Pogue himself declares, "I knew that I'd written a great iPhone book. But the paper edition
really wasn't an IPHONE iPhone book, if you know what I mean. There's
something so satisfying about reading about the iPhone ON the iPhone."

Pogue and O'Reilly must be on to something: the app was released to iTunes last Friday, and by Saturday it had hit the #2 spot in the for-pay Books category.  (The introductory price of US$4.99 — a 50% savings off MSRP — probably helped.)

[Via ImagingInfo; purchase on iTunes]

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