OS 10.5.6 Took Away My Jailbroken Phone! Whatever Shall I Do?

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The arms race between Apple and the pwnage/jailbreaking crowd continues.

Whether by accident or design, Apple's recent OS 10.5.6 upgrade added a nasty new spot to the Leopard, as iPhone hackers from here to Phnom Penh discovered that the Pwnage tool had been rendered unusable.

Hackintosh promptly jumped into the fray, offering a method of reviving a phone's jailbroken state by using Automator programm Fix_DFU_10_5_6.  (The link gives step-by-step instructions, including diagrams and scripts to download.)

And, never one to sit on their respective laurels, the DevTeam also leapt into action, offering their own "try at your own risk" fix as well as news on their upcoming "yellowsn0w" [sic] 3G unlock, and why they could give a rat's patoot about unlocking the 2G iPod Touch.

So the ball's been lobbed back to Uncle Steve's side of the court; let's see if he can return the volley, with or without a Maria Sharapova-style grunt

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