Phone Call To The Vatican: iBreviary Gets Your iPhone Closer To God

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iBreviary is, believe it or not, the first iPhone app that has received the full blessing of the Vatican.  Co-written by Italian priest Reverend Paolo Padrini, the app puts a wide variety of prayers, including the entire daily readings for the Catholic Mass, into the palm of your hand — and does so in a variety of languages (currently English, Italian, Spanish, French, Latin, and Rite Ambrosiano).

Turns out the Church, in their ongoing attempts to bring evangelising into the 21st century, is an early adopter of technology ‚Äì embracing the web, SMS and DVDs early in their life cycles.  (One wonders if a prayer for faster 3G downloads is included…)

iBreviary costs US$0.99, but Reverend Pardrini has agreed to donate all his earnings to charity.  After all, a profit off God is a profit without honor.

[Download the app from iTunes.  Additionally, an English translation of the app's web page can be seen here.]

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