Wal-Mart To Begin Selling iPhones This Sunday (December 28)

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It's official: on the third day after Christmas (Sunday, December 28), you can walk into your local Wal-Mart store and buy an iPhone.

As previously reported, Wally World will offer the current 8 and 16 GB handsets for US$2.00 off AT&T and Apple's MSRP.  The rumored 4 GB, US$99.00 model remains just that.

The announcement is partially blunted by last week's Best Buy blockbuster, in which the big-box electronics monolith debuted iPhones for a full sawbuck less.  However, Wal-Mart's price match policy will allow stores to ‚Äúmatch the price of any local
competitor’s advertised store price on the same item within the same
promotional period.”

Love it or loath it, Wal-mart is still the world’s largest retail chain, with more than
7,000 mega-stores around the world and early $380 billion in sales its last fiscal year.  Analysts predict that this could double the Apple Stores' own 2009 sales figures on iPhone, estimated to be a not-too-shabby 4.5 million units.

[Via CNNMoney.com]

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