Xskn Fans the iPhone Nano Rumors With “Official” Line of Skins

We already reported on the rumors being propagated by Chinese handset case maker Xskn that an "iPhone Nano" was in the pipeline — and, basically, pointed and laughed at said rumor.

Not only has Xskn not backed down, their latest online catalog has an entire page of US$24.95 Nano skins.  Here's a product closeup from said page:

This image described by David Letterman, Xskn, iPhone Nano rumor, Xskn_1497_disc
In addition to Xskn, the iDealsChina site continues to float the iPhone Nano rumor, even offering a video of David Letterman discussing it.  (Watch the video, and — to put everything in perspective — keep in mind: it's David Letterman…)

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