Breast In Show: Wobble Makes Them Boobies Bobble, App Store Smiles Indulgently

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Looks like someone saw the poke-at-a-virtual-breast app paiTouch and decided they could build a better mound trap…er, mouse trap.

Wobble lets you take any picture (albeit preferably one with a human — and better yet a female), position the "wobble regions" over the…ahem…pectorals, then shake your iDevice and watch those funbags bounce like Superballs.  Brags its maker, "Wobble really is a game changer! 50% of the world‚Äôs population will
think it is puerile. For the other 50%, it’s a must have killer app."

Here's a preview for you "other" 50 percenters:

And unlike paiTouch or the equally fake "iBoobs," Wobble actually got accepted to the App Store.  Mebbe because, unlike those other attempts at jugginess, Wobble has a BYOB policy.  (That's "bring your own boobs," by the bye…)

[US$0.99 in the App Store]

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