Cell-mate Headset Keeps Cell Phone At Your Ear — If It Really Exists, That Is…

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A new company called "Cell-Mate" claims to have solved the problem of Bluetooth headsets with bad audio and discharged batteries — by eliminating them entirely.

As you can see above, the Cell-Mate is a simple wire headset that attaches to your cellphone and holds it to your ear.  Crows the website:

"Never settle for sub-par reception. Never worry about charging your
Bluetooth headset. Never risk your safety trying to sync your headset
with your phone while driving. All you have to do is answer your cell
phone and place the Cell-Mate on your head."

Mind you, this conveniently ignores the fact that there's more effort — and more chance of driver distraction — in the whole "answer and put on your head" process than simply reaching up to your ear and tapping a button.  Besides, who actually syncs their headset to their phone while they're driving?

More doubt to be shed on the entire operation: the website, despite it's "corporate" tone, includes a header declaring it a free page provided by GoDaddy.com.  There's no information anywhere of the site as to cost or availabilty.  The bottom of the page reminds us that Cell-Mate is "A division of Laser Products Industries" — which builds laser tools for the construction industry.

The company claims to have been at the recent CES in Vegas (Booth IP-214 — any West Coast readers care to confirm or deny this?). 

Even if the product is bona fide (and Cell-Mate and/or LPI are welcome to contact this fine blog directly), the very concept of the Cell-Mate is unlikely to cause the Jabra's and Motorola's of the world any lost sleep.

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