Clippy Brings Copy/Paste To The iPhone! (So Why Aren’t We Jumping Up And Down With Joy?)

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The way the guys at iSpazzio were carrying on, you'd think they'd discovered the secret of time travel — or at least what was in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase.  Nope nope nope, it's JACAPA ("Just Another Copy And Paste Application"):

Everyone was missing it! Finally we got the real Copy and Paste application for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch! It‚Äôs Clippy, avaiable from the iSpazio Repository in Cydia…

Okay, we take it back.  It's JACAPA for jailbroken phones.

As you might have noticed, we're not exactly frothing at the mouth at the news.  C&P for pwned iPhones is old news.  Others have attempted C&P hacks/workarounds for non-jailbroken handsets, but they either have a limited list of supported apps or require too many hoops to jump through. (in no way we wanna take pride and joy from the developers)

Which begs the question: Does the iPhone really, truly need copy and paste?  Some seem to think so, hence all these attempts to implement it and Uncle Steve be damned.  On the other hand, the esteemed editor of this bloggeroo has owned an iPhone for over a year, and know how many times he's actually needed C&P functionality?



At this rate, if we actually stop WRITING about copy and paste, maybe Apple will implement it…

Hey, the app is installed it's better be prepared then sorry. 

[Via iSpazio]

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