Crayon Physics Coming To The iPhone: Prepare To Be “Drawn In…”

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Remember when the original board game version of Othello came out?  Remember it's slogan?  "A minute to learn, a lifetime to master?"

Crayon Physics is kinda like that: it looks ridiculously simple upon first glance, then sucks you in with its unexpected depth and complexity.  The game, which picked up the US$20K top prize in the 2008 Independent Games Festival Grand Prize Winner, is coming to the iPhone via software publisher Hudson, perhaps as early as New Year's Day '09.

Crayon Physics presents you with apparently simple physics based
puzzles such as moving a ball across the screen to a target that look
like they've been drawn with a crayon on a piece of craft paper like
you would have had for art class back in kindergarten. You attempt to
solve these challenges by drawing new shapes to create a mechanism to
reach the goal.

If you still can't wrap your head around the concept, watch this:

[Via 1UP]

The Game is out, but as of the time of this post iTunes link was not available

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