Get Yer Sugar Fix: A “Rebranded” Dope Wars Is Now App Store Kosher

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Drugs — bad.  Candy — glad! 

That's what Catamount Software discovered, to their chagrin, when they attempted to land a spot in the App Store for their iPhone implementation of the classic Dope Wars.  (You recall that, back in November '08, we looked at the similar "Drug Lords" app and concluded its chances of official House of Jobs sanction were somewhere between slim and non-existent.)  Undeterred, Catamount hit upon the brilliant idea of removing the "nose" from "nose candy."

The result?  Prohibition 3: Candy Wars ("[S]ugarcoated for your gaming pleasure!"), in which the US Congress — faced with an obesity epidemic — has outlawed sugar as a "highly addictive substance."  You, as the "Superfly (or Scarface) of Snickers," have thirty days to make the, um, sweetest profits without running afoul of either rival thugs or the Food and Drug Administration.

Oh, and here's an excerpt of Candy Wars programmer Hardy Macia's take on the whole foofaraw: "I personally find applications like iFart much more repulsive, yet
Apple has approve it. DopeWars is about current political events. We
had alcohol prohibition in the 1920s, and we have drug prohibition
today. It is no more objectionable than many of the songs and movies
Apple is selling on iTunes."

[US$0.99 from iTunes]

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