iPhone Picture Uploads to Flickr On The Rise

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The tight integration between the iPhone and Flickr is turning into a match made in heaven.

As you can see from the above graph, over the past twelve months the number of iPhone-based image uploads to Yahoo's picture-sharing site have steadily shot upwards, to the point where it appears to be challenging established digital SLR's from industry leaders Nikon and Canon.

However, this should all be taken with the proverbial football-sized grain of salt.  Flickr measures popularity on the basis of the number of users
who've uploaded a photo on a given day. In other words, the camera used
by a person who uploads one photo a day will fare better than one who
uploads 100 pictures one day a month. Second, many camera phones don't
identify themselves to Flickr, so their use isn't logged. Last, these
statistics fluctuate daily, and who knows what kind of anomalous
behavior is going on during the holidays.

More statistics: The total number of photos uploaded from the Rebel XTi is about 51
million, compared with 5.8 million for the iPhone. However, there are
nearly 3,000 people uploading daily from their iPhone compared with
about 6,500 for the XTi.

One thing the iPhone has in its favor — as opposed to both DSLR's and other smart handsets — is the ease with which the iPhone handles network-based apps that more business-only-oriented phones like the Blackberry struggle with.  And this dovetails perfectly with Flickr's social-networking aspect of visually documenting your life in almost real time. 

Obviously, the photo-taking capabilities of the iPhone pale in comparison to even an entry-level DSLR, but amateur shutterbugs have always outnumbered professional photographers.

[Via Cnet]

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