Kicked To The Refurb: Best Buy Rewards You For Buying Returned iPhones

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So, Bunky, you missed Best Buy's US$10.00 discount on new iPhones 'cuz it ended when the New Year's Ball dropped in Times Square?  Is that why you're upset?  Well, cheer up: brand new year, brand new discount — times five.

Yep, the home of big box discounts and Geek Squad-branded VW Beetles is now getting ready to offer smartphones from the House of Jobs at US$50.00 less than MSRP.  Take that, Wally World: we point and laugh at your puny two-buck discount!

Well, as you might guess, there is a catch: the discounted Best Buy-phones are not exactly — how can we phrase this? — virgins.  In fact, they've been taken around the block for a few weeks.  Yep, they're store returns, brought back within the 30-day refund-policy window.  They're only available in-store — no web sales.*  And you still have to pony up for the 2-year service contract.

Still, the opportunity to own an 8 GB iPhone for US$149.00, or the 16 gigger for US$249.00, certainly has its advantages: for potential first-time iPhone owners, the lure of keeping fifty bucks in their pocket can make up for a less-than-pristine iPhone.  The discount also lets current first-gen iPhoners upgrade to the latest model for less.  And once that two-year contract is up, chances are an even newer iPhone will have hit the street, which means another discounted for the refurb owners.  Plus, all those extra points on your Reward Zone card!

* Mind you, if you're a complete agoraphobe, AT&T does offer iPhone refurbs online, at the same discount as Best Buy.

[Via Reuters]

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