‘List-Mania: Free App Lets You Browse Craigslist On Your iPhone

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Need a new apartment?  A new job?  A new pet?  A new camera?  Hell, how about a menage a trois to photograph with said camera?  Chances are you've checked the postings on Craigslist at least once in your life, for these and countless other things.

Next Mobile Web's craigsphone [sic] now puts the world's biggest bulletin board into that slim little iPhone in your hand.  They brag (yes, in lowercase), "why wait til you get home to post that missed connection? better yet, upload a picture of yourself while you're still on the
bus and if he's got a craigsphone, perhaps you can connect right there?"

The original goals were simple: the ability to take and post photos while you're mobile, a viewable history of recently-read posts, nearby activities (if "nearby" translates to Manhattan or the Frisco Bay, at the moment), and clickable phone numbers.  The v1.5 upgrade includes subcategory browsing and content control.  Best of all, it's free — just like Craigslist itself.

Here's a video to explain it all:

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