Noise Pollution: Annoyance! Lives Up To Its Name

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If you're a regular listener of the likes of Howard Stern or Opie and Anthony, you're at least implicitly familiar with the soundboard concept: it's a convenient way to trigger sound effects and audio clips on cue, usually for comedic effect.

Programmer "Ethan Allen" (no furniture jokes, please) offers up an iPhone soundboard called, with good reason, Annoyance!  In case the above screencap's icons aren't clear enough, the sounds contained include a baby crying, gates closing, a car horn, slurping, a chainsaw, a hyena laugh, a jackhammer, a radio being tuned, a siren, hiccups, a baby squeak toy, and a man screaming.  Sez Ethan:

Want to bother your co-workers, play tricks on your friends, or just plain annoy people?  This app is for you…Best of all, try it in public and see what people do.

YOU try it in public.  We can think of better ways to draw unwarranted attention to ourselves.

[US$0.99 from the App Store]

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