QuadriPhone-ia? New CPU, Firmware Could Make Uncle Steve’s Phone A Killer Game Platform

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Here's a "betcha didn't know:" betcha didn't know that, in terms of sheer processing power, your iPhone's about on a par with the Sony PSP.  But, of course, that's in addition to all the nifty phone/Web/PDA stuff you can do with it.

But what if it had MORE processing power?

One of the bigger rumors at MacWorld in Frisco is about a "four-core iPhone," i.e. the handheld equivalent of those Intel quad-core CPU's.  This would obviously require a firmware update as well, and sure enough, talk of a "firmware 3.0" went hand-in-hand with the four-core chatter.

What all this means, in real-world terms, is that the iPhone could become one HELL of a gaming console.  Mind you, it's not terrible now (as games like Brothers In Arms – Hour of Heroes have shown — but having that much bit-crunching muscle under the hood…er, touch screen…might be enough to give the Sonys and Nintendos of the world the willies.

What could have spawned this rumor?  Well, Imagination Technologies was scheduled to announce the PowerVR SGX543 during CES.  This is a multi-core capable GPU technology which scales to, in theory, an
unlimited number of cores and offer support for GPGPU acceleration.

[Via ZDNet]

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