Rim Job: Blackberry Wants To Buy Your Apps, Sell Them In Their Storefront

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Guess what's good enough for the Palm Pre is good enough for your average "Crackberry."

Like Palm, Blackberry is launching an "Applications Storefront" and actively seeking Berry programmers to submit their work. 

"Be first in line to submit applications you've designed for BlackBerry®
smartphones to the new BlackBerry application storefront. We're
counting down to a spring launch and we're accepting submissions right
now…The market for BlackBerry applications is growing at a phenomenal rate
and the application storefront will offer you the exciting opportunity
to showcase your applications to millions of BlackBerry smartphone
users. It will provide consumers with greater choice, and enhanced
application discovery."

On the off chance that you might, um, actually KNOW how to code for a "bPhone" (and yes, they have a ton of online resources available for the clever hacker), more info can be found here.

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