Seeing Yellow: DevTeam Starts The New Year Off Right With Newest iPhone Crack

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True to their word, Dev-Team announced the release of yellowsn0w, their third-gen pwnage tool, just as 2009 had its umbilical cord cut.

Currently a 0.9.1 beta, the unlock works exclusively with baseband 02.28.00 (which was part of the 2.2 firmware upgrade) — and, because it's a beta, the "use at your own risk" caveat is emphasized.  Repeatedly.  Issues with SIM cards and T-Mobile service are currently addressed.

Also emphasized repeatedly: Dev-Team does not take, and refuses to take, monetary contributions of any kind.  They also caution against anyone taking the code and trying to sell it, with a certain "Jody" being targeted by name.

Read installation instructions on Dev-Team's blog.

Good news is that they managed to unlock the newest baseband firmware 02.28.00, their prior announcement was targeting 02.11.07

[Via the official Dev-Team blog]

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