“Sky-crosoft:” Could This Be MobileMe For Everybody Else AND iPhones?

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With all the buzz about the iPhone and even Android, it's easy to forget that there are a BUNCHA handsets out there running some flavor of Windows Mobile.

In just a coupla weeks, Mobile World Congress gets under way, and the rumor mills are grinding non-stop — with the news of a WinMobile upgrade (6.5?) being just the tip of the icecube.  Scuttlebutt has Microsoft unveiling a bunch of "Sky"-tagged services to augment — or even replace entirely — their current Exchange-based apps. 

First up is Skybox, which is shaping up to be a head-to-head competitor with Apple's MobileMe: a cloud-based data repository for all your contacts, calendar items,
email and imagery, plus over-the-air smartphone sync and automatic system backup and restore

Next is Skyline: basically Skybox with Exchange support, i.e. a "premium" version for enterprise implementation.

Lastly, there's Skymarket, a "mobile marketplace" for sharing and selling applications.  Yes, ANOTHER APP STORE CLONE.  At least maybe now you'll actually be able to find WinMobile apps to install…

Now, all in all none of this is particularly revolutionary; it's just Microsoft showing up late to the tech-innovation party and steam-rollering the joint to take over, a la Netscape.  HOWEVER: nestled in all this Sky chatter is the possibility of a true cloud-based system that would work with non-Windows phones.  Like maybe Blackberries.  Or even, God forbid, iPhones…

[Via Fast Company]

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