Swiss Army Handset: New Apple Ads Promote iPhone’s All-Around Usefullness

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Now that over 15,000 apps are competing for virtual shelf space in the App Store, Apple's job is to convince you to actually, y'know, BUY some of 'em.

Their latest commercials (available online here) revolve around the tagline "There's an app for that."  Need to find a cab company in a strange city?  How about calculate the tip on a meal?  Or even, as seen above, level a construction project without running to Home Depot?  There's apps for that.

Want more?  How about reading an X-ray?  App for that.  (A product placement, by the way, that really needs to be in an episode of HOUSE…) Can't remember where the hell you parked your car?  App for that.  Et cetera.

Apple appears to be moving beyond the iPhone's modest "make a call, play an MP3" beginnings and repositioning the handset to do just about anything you need.

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