The Not-So-Sweet Smell of Success: iPhone Fart Apps A Financial “Wind”-fall

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Turns out those that "cut the cheese" are getting a HUGE cut of App Store profits.

Looks like the success of the "Pull My Finger" fart-sound app has triggered a veritable Gold Rush (well, maybe not "gold" — "Brown Rush," anyone?) of rude sound programs.  A recent App Store search on the keyword "fart" pulled up more than fifty such programs, many in the US$0.99 "magical price point" range.

The surprising (scary?) thing is, these little bombers are often selling like hotcakes:

Developer InfoMedia (Joel Comm), which makes iFart Mobile [iTunes link], has been releasing download statistics
for the app each day since it launched. The $0.99 app has been in the
top 100 paid apps every day since its launch, and has seen great
growth. In fact, yesterday it hit the number one overall position with over 13,000 downloads. MacRumors ran the numbers,
factoring out the 30 percent cut Apple takes from each sale, and
determined that, yesterday alone, iFart Mobile made its developers

That's not counting this past Christmas Day, when downloads hit a jaw-dropping 40,000 — which translates to a US$30K holiday bonus!

[Via VentureBeat]

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