Tokyo Hotel, Please: Voice-Based Translation App For Japanese Travelers

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More proof that the iPhone is becoming "Big In Japan:"  Softbank's Speeek! [sic] is a voice-actuated electronic dictionary that translates Japanese into either English or Chinese.  To keep things manageable, the app is geared towards traveler/tourist usage and basic communication; phrases are centered around basic themes like "hotel," "restaurant," and "plane at the airport," and Softbank recommends single words or simple phrases be used to trigger it.

Despite its Japanese orientation (no pun intended), one train of thought is that advanced native English speakers studying Japanese could also benefit from using Speeek!  Certainly the modest 1,800 yen (US$19.88) price makes this an attractive proposition.  (However, before you plunk down those hard-earned yen, make sure you can access the Japanese edition of the App Store, otherwise it's sayonara, Charlie…)

[Additional reporting via DVICE]

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