Tron LightBike Comes To iPhone: Single User Version Now For Free, Multi-Hand/Multi-User/WiFi On The Way

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The "original computer-graphics movie" TRON lives on.  Pankaku has unveiled an iPhone version of the film's classic "Light Bike" game, in which you try to wall in your opponent with the wall of light your ray-traced virtual motorbike leaves in its wake.

The easy-mode, single-player version's available for free from the App Store, but it's the upcoming, more challenging pay-to-play version that has the gamers going up and down.  Why?  For starters, it has a nifty split-screen mode that lets two players compete head-to-head on the same iPhone/iPod Touch simultaneously, as well as a Wi-Fi connection mode for up to four players.  Say what?  Let's go to the videotape: 

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