Uncle Steve Is Too Sick To Come To Work

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Steve Jobs is stepping away from running Apple to take care of his ongoing health issues.

Jobs — who was diagnosed with, and treated for, a pancreatic tumor in 2004, and has been dogged by health rumors ever since — sent an email to Apple employees today explaining that he would be stepping down from day-to-day operations at Apple until at least mid-June, handing the reins over to Tim Cook. 

Earlier this month, Jobs had sent another e-missive blaming his visible weight loss on a "hormone imbalance."  Several oncologists went on record describing this phrase as "cryptic" and "delightfully vague," and theorized that the imbalance could be a sign of his cancer returning.  It has also been pointed out that, in addition to the pancreatic tumor, Jobs' gallbladder, part of his stomach, the lower half of his bile duct and part of his small intestine were also removed — none of which was originally reported after the 2004 surgery.

Apple stocks — already weakened by the news that Jobs would not present the traditional keynote address at CES — took an additional drubbing in overnight trading, ending at just under US$80.00 per share.

[Via Fortune/CNNMoney.com]

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