Free Software For Costly Hardware: Vudu’s iPhone App Lets You Select, Download Movies

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Vudu, the set-top on-demand video service that wants you to dump those red DVD mailer envelopes from Netflix, has just sweetened the pot for iPhone/iPod Touch users: a free app to browse and search for movies, then download then to your Vudu box.

"The VUDU Movie Catalog application for iPhone and iPod touch allows you
to browse and search through VUDU's expansive movie catalog from
anywhere an Internet connection is available. After finding something
that suits your mood, rent or purchase the movie using your VUDU
account and it will be downloaded to your VUDU box automatically, ready
for you to watch it at your leisure."

Well, the price for the app is certainly right.  Keep in mind, though, at in addition to a per-title, resolution-based fee, Vudu expects you to shell out at least US$300.00 for the receiver box itself (with a deluxe version for a cool grand).  As for us, we'll be waiting by the mail box for that next red envelope.

[Download from the App Store]

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