Wardrobe Malfunction: App Store Decides To Give Bouncing Boobies The Boot

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Bouncing boobs of any sort are no longer welcome in the App Store.

Less than a week after we reported on Wobble (an innocuous li'l program that animated the breasts in whatever photo you selected) getting the House of Jobs' official blessing, we've learned that a rep from Apple has ordered Jon Atherton, the app's developer, to remove any mention of "boobs" or "booty" from the marketing text — oh, and while he's at it, revise their YouTube video, which demonstrated the app on pics of fully-clothed women.

Not surprisingly, Atherton cried foul, pointing out that a search of iTunes proper for the keywords "boobs" or "booty"  produced nearly 150 results for each word.  So why was it okay for music and video, but not iPhone programs?  "I‚Äôm only here to talk to you about the Appstore and can‚Äôt comment on iTunes," the rep told Atherton.

Please note: Apple's issue is not with the app itself, only how it's being described in the Store.  And, FWIW, the app has already been downloaded 20,000 times, so Apple be damned, SOMEBODY wants this functionality on their iPhone…

[Via TechCrunch]

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