You Darken My Life: Christmas Lights Is Officially The Dumbest iPhone Game Out There

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Apps Amuck, whose goal was to release one iPhone app a day for every day in December of 2008, clearly make up in quantity what they might lack in quality.  Most of their work — a digital clock, a "death calculator," etc. — are available only as downloads from their website.  However, one app that actually got a spot in the App Store is Christmas Lights, which is cleverly modeled on one of your favorite holiday activities.

That's right: you have to find the dead bulb on your strand of Christmas tree lights, and replace it.  From the app's (laughably minimal) web page:

Can you get all the lights on before Christmas?
It is time to put up Christmas Lights again and as always you can never get all
those pesky bulbs to light at once!

Try your best to hurry and get all 10 strands repaired before Christmas.

Tap a bulb to wiggle it on or off but remember you can never wiggle one bulb
without wiggling the ones around it.

The only good news is, the app's free.  But that's offset by the fact that the App Store started offering it on December 31, 2008.  Uh, that's six days AFTER Christmas.  Kind of defeats the whole, y'know, purpose of it…

[Available on iTunes]

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