Android, You Can Drive My Car: TeleNav To Offer Turn-By-Turn GPS For The G1

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Hot on the heels of our story about xGPS (a navigator program for jailbroken iPhones) comes the announcement that TeleNav's GPS Navigator is coming for the T-Mobile G1 handset.  As TeleNav themselves brag, this "leader in cell phone GPS technology [is] first to develop GPS navigation for Google Android and for the G1."

The app promises turn-by-turn driving directions by voice and onscreen, a business directory with more than 10 million points of interest, full-color 3D maps nationwide, as well as audio traffic alerts and one-click rerouting.

Currently scheduled for a February 24th rollout, eager early adapters can submit their email addresses to get notified for a free 30-day trial.

TeleNav hardware and/or software currently supports a wide range of phones and wireless carriers.  Ironically, the iPhone itself is not currently amongst them, although back in November '08, their own blog hinted to "stay tuned…"

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