Apple Tells German Web Store “Sell Our iPhones, Just Don’t Use Our Pictures”

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And now, an example of "Kreis-Logik."  (That's German for "circular logic…")

The Deutsche website sells unlocked iPhones.  Now, they buy these phones legally from other countries in the European Union that offer the phones for sale to prepaid customers, then sell them to anyone who doesn't want to spring for the T-Mobile or Simlock contract.  All well and good.  In fact, 3Gstore even advertised their handsets with Apple‚Äôs official promotional pictures.

Until the House of Jobs yelled "FOUL!" and hit 3Gstore with a cease-and-desist order forbidding them to use Apple production photos — and, to add beleidigung to verletzung*, tacked on a bill for EU1780 (a bit over two grand in "real money") for legal fees.  When challenged, Apple Inc. invoked their Image Use Agreement that disallows all image editing and usage in any commercial context, such as competitions or other non-editorial appearances.

Amazingly, 3Gstore ended up taking the high road: they commissioned a photographer to create iPhone images, which they then made available under the very liberal Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, which allows both editing and commercial usage.

*Translate it yourself.

[Via The Randolf Jorberg Blog]

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