Bouncing Off Satellites: Will A Radio App Save Sirius? And If So, Should It?

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We've already reported on ways to received Sirius XM sattelite radio signals on your jailbroken iPhone.  Now we're hearing whispers that the House of Jobs and the "Satellite of Stern" may be joining forces for real, and an app called uSirious Starplayr [sic], which would stream broadcasts to iPhones and iPod Touches with a Wi-Fi connection, is under evaluation for adding to the App Store.  Scuttlebutt has it that Sirius would charge an extra three bucks a month for the iPhone access.

The question is: will it be enough to keep not one, but two satellite-radio providers, from going under?

Right from the start, both XM and Sirius, even before the merger, were hemmorhaging money like it was no tomorrow.  You not only had to subscribe to the service, but cough up for a costly stand-alone or add-on receiver to boot.  Sirius, originally the underdog of the two (pun very much intended), waved US$500 million under Howard Stern's nose to jump ship from terrestrial radio, hoping he'd bring his legion of followers as new subscribers — which hasn't happened at all.  Meanwhile, free online radio stations like Pandora and Slacker have given web surfers even less incentive to spring for sat-radio subscriptions.

In 2007, the two companies posted a combined loss of a BEELION dollars. God only knows what that figure is today.  We do know that as of Friday, January 30, Sirius XM stock was hovering around the US$0.12 mark.  No, that is not a typo: twelve cents a share

So: is an iPhone app for Sirius XM a good idea?  Let's ask the nearest LOLcat:

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Let's hope that cat is wrong.

[Via the Motley Fool]

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