Danglet: Worst iAccessory Ever? Let’s Go To The Videotape!

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Collins America seems to believe that most iPhone/iPod users want to keep their units close, but not TOO close.  To that end, they've unveiled Danglet, a US$14.99 (plus $3.50 S/H) wrist/neck strap.  Burbles the company's ad copy, "Danglet
simply plugs into the dock connector port on the bottom
of your iPod or iPhone, securely snapping into place,
and provides a sturdy stainless steel loop through
which any string or hook mounted wrist or neck strap
can be attached. We provide basic wrist and neck straps
with your Danglet. But, you can go ahead and use any
strap you may already own or choose to buy. Danglet
fits them all."

There's the inevitable YouTube clip of the gizmo in action:

What's wrong with this picture?  Well, for starters, the folks in the vid are slinging their "i's" around like (a) the connector port absolutely, positively, will NEVER give way — and if the company believes that, there's a certain Mr. Murphy we'd like to introduce them to — and (b) the devices themselves are actually made of high-impact materials, instead of the thin glass/plastic/metal shells they actually have.

Here's a better idea: check our review of assorted iPhone cases, and put your fifteen bucks towards something that'll, y'know, PROTECT your expensive li'l House of Jobs product.

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