Don’t Count Your Winnings: New iPhone Apps Help You Cheat At BlackJack

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As if the goons from Casino needed another reason to break your knuckles for beating them at the blackjack tables…

Nevada gaming authorities are warning the state's casinos to be on the lookout for gamblers using their iPhones to help count cards, and therefore beat the blackjack odds.

Interestingly, card-counting by itself is not a crime.  Nor, apparently, are the existence in the App Store of card-counting programs such as Card Counter or A Blackjack Card Counter.  It when you put them together that the phrase "mo' money, mo' problems" comes into play.  You see, if you use "assistive technology" to count your cards at the blackjack table, that's a full-blown Federal felony.

So far, no instances of iPhone-related blackjack cheating have been reported in Sin City; in fact, it was first observed in California casinos, who shot off a head's-up to Gil Grissom's home town.

Beat the house advantage?  Yeah, there's an App for that…

[Via The Unofficial Apple Weblog]

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