Fade Away And Radiate: Nano Relaxes You With Sight, Sound, Touch

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Adrian Johnson has two words for you: Chill out.

Johnson, a multimedia/multidiscipline artist who encompasses painting, music, and iPhone programming, admits "I enjoy watching fish. I tend to work too
much, and watching fish when I have the chance helps me unwind. There's
something meditative about moving one's hand in front of the aquarium
and getting the fish to school with you."

To that end, he's created Nano, an iPhone/iPod Touch game-cum-relaxation tool — but this is no mere Freshwater Aquarium wannabe.  At its simplest level, you use finger touches to guide a stream of colored particles on the screen.  The particle flow and interaction also triggers a soft, ever-changing series of musical tones derived from Johnson's collection of acoustic and electric violins, violas, and cellos.  The results will be instantly appreciated by fans of Fripp and Eno, Cluster, Moby, or similar electronica/ambient musicians.

There is advanced strategy to the gaming aspect of the app, which is far too complicated to be summarized here (the home page spells things out in great detail).  Best just to see the app in action:

[US$1.99 at iTunes]

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