Human Or Toaster? Let The Battlestar: Galactica App Tell You

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As Sci-Fi Channel's deep, dark re-imagining of that 80's cheese-rocket Battlestar: GALACTICA comes to a close, its makers are busy milking every last shekel out of their faithful fanboy base.  From auctioning off the slinky red dress of lead fembot Tricia Helfer, to selling US$65.00 "Cylon Toasters" ("toaster" being a slang term for the robotic Cylons), seems like there's nothing they won't stoop to.

iPhones included, by the way.

In the grand tradition of equally valid iPhone lie detector apps, you can now get your very own Cylon Detector from the App Store.  Snap a picture with your iPhone's camera (or load in an existing image), then use the app's "facial recognition" feature to highlight the subject's fact and eyes, tell the app if the testee is male or female, and let it go to work.  Within seconds, you'll know if the subject is a red-blooded Earthling or a full-metal "skin job."

Now, if you're an absolute foaming-at-the-mouth GALACTICA die-hard, shelling out US$1.99 is probably no big deal.  The rest of us, however, will probably echo hard-drinking Lt. Starbuck and mutter "Frak this."

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