I Advanced Masked: iSpoof Gives You Free Calls, Hides Your Voice And Phone Number Too

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Next time someone on the other end of the phone asks "Who's calling, please?" — you can answer, with all honesty, "Not me!" 

Credit, or blame, goes to 123Spoof's iSpoof.  At it's basest level, iSpoof disguises your voice and/or your phone number to your target and their caller ID.Wanna go straight to someone's voice mailbox?  iSpoof does that, too, without ringing their phone (but still showing your spoofed phone number as a missed call).  You can also record and play back the calls you make. 

Oh, speaking of making calls — how'd you like to make 'em for free?  iSpoof can do that, too.  The free calling comes after you listen to a nine-second advertisement.  (A "premium" feature within iSpoof lets you skip the ads for a price.)  The free calling claims to work for both domestic and international calls.

How much would YOU spend for all this?  How about…nothing?  Yep, the app, like the calls, is free.  "Too good to be true," you cry?  Well, there is ONE cloud to go with all these silver linings: iSpoof only works on jailbroken phones.  So if we haven't convinced you of all the reasons to pwn your iPhone by now, here's yet another reason to break out of the House of Jobs Penitentiary.

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