iPhone, You’re Wanted On Set: “30 Rock’s” Product Placement Conspiracy

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There's some funny business going on at NBC's hit sitcom 30 Rock.  Not "funny" as in the scripts and/or performances — maybe not even as funny as costar Alec Baldwin's hilarious Hulu.com ad — but "funny" as in "there's some really weird product placement going on here."

Now, 30 Rock has shown a fondness for pairing their celebrity guests with weird fast-food onslaughts (e.g. Isabella Rosselini's fondness for Arby's "Big Beef and Cheddar" in the first season), but a recent barrage of McFlurry references had folks wondering if this was just Tina Fey's ironic sense of humor or flat-out subliminal advertising.

That arguement took a new tack over the past couple of weeks as sharp-eyed viewers noticed pretty much the entire cast brandishing iPhones in some capacity or another.  (As one particularly astute blog commenter observed, most of the time when someone used their iPhone camera, they were holding the handsets upside down!)

For what it's worth, 30 Rock isn't the only iPhone-heavy show on TV these days.  F/X's Nip/Tuck has put iPhones in the hands of most of the major cast members, and over on USA's Burn Notice, Jeffrey Donovan's blacklisted spy recently upgraded from his Motorola Razr.  Clearly, the House of Jobs' killer smart phone is being positioned as Hollywood's hot tech prop.

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