Mafia LIVE! on iPhone: An App You Can’t Refuse

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A life of crime is only a phone call away, thanks to Aftershock's multi-player Mafia Live!  Live out your SOPRANOS fantasies — even if you're not Sicilian.  Or from New Jersey…

Mafia is a game that immerses you in the criminal underbelly of The City as you progress to become the Don of your Mafia family…To do this, you need to buy guns and
cars to battle other Mafia Families (other real players around the
globe!). To progress in the game, you need to beat other Mafia Families
(while gaining experience and taking their cash) and perform other
missions to gain respect and hone your skills.

Join forces with your friends and add to each other's strength. You
can persuade other Families in the game to join you…if they don't,
you have an option to take them out.

Assuming you're already whetted your criminal appetite on the likes of Candy Wars, this is the next logical step.

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[US$2.99 from the App Store]

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