Moving Panels: Marvel To Sell “Motion Comics” Through iTunes

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Some iPhone-related news from the floor of the recently-wrapped NY Comic Con: Marvel Comics (home of Peter Parker, Tony Stark, and Bruce Banner) will being offering digital "motion comics" through iTunes.  The process — which takes the original comic-book art and augments it with spoken dialog from voice actors and some animation — is being produced in conjunction with Neal Adams and Continuity Studios.  Pricing has not been announced, but could vary depending upon the title.

NYCC goers got a taste of the new process with samples from a recent ASTONISHING X-MEN (penned by BUFFY/FIREFLY/DOLLHOUSE auteur Joss Whedon).  February will bring a motion comic of SPIDER-WOMAN that promises to be the first in-continuity title produced specifically for the new digital medium.  Current plans are to follow the print release of a comic with digital versions on either iTunes or

Meanwhile, WATCHMEN — a DC (rather than Marvel) title, and THE hotly-anticipated comic-book adaptation of the spring — already has its own motion comic series available on iTunes, at US$1.99 per episode or US$19.99 for a "season pass."

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