No, Seriously, HOW Fast Did A Million iPhone 3G’s Sell? Yow.

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A reader of took it upon himself to graph how quickly various smart phones took to sell a million units.  As you can see, for most units (including the original iPhone), the mean was a little over two months.

Then the iPhone 3G came out, and…well, can you say "feeding frenzy," boys and girls?  I knew that you could.

Yes, the charts don't lie.  It took only three freakin' days for a million 3G's to be scooped up.  Seventy-two hours.  By comparison, iPhone 1.0 took seventy-four days to hit that mark.

Now, for some read-between-the-lines: the iPhone 3G launched in 21 countries simultaneously whereas the G1 launched in the US only, and the Storm's numbers similarly reflect US sales only.

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