One Phone, Two Phone, iPhone, My Phone: Microsoft Claims No Reason In Their Rhyme

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Do you have, we ask, the time
To ponder telephonic rhymes?

And when it's Microsoft-concerned,
The matter won't be lightly spurned.

See, Gates-ville just announced their "My Phone"
Which seems a bit too close to "iPhone."

And while "Their Phone" seems software-based
Our worries aren't too out of place:
In hardware, Apple has the knack
While Microsoft's is just plain whack.

Claims A. Lee, MS "Mobile chief,"
Their naming never aimed for grief:
"It's just a feature, not a brand!
This rumor's getting out of hand!
We will put out a 'Windows Phone.'
That's all there is.  Leave us alone!
See, My Phone's meant for mobile sync,
And all your rhyming theories…stink."

(Apologies to Shakespeare, Ogden Nash, Dr. Seuss, et al)

[Via Techflash]

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